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Customer Reviews for Eric Church

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An Unforgettable Night of Country Music Excellence at Blossom Music Center!

Mike from Hartville, Ohio
18th July 2023

I had the immense pleasure of attending Eric Church's sold-out concert at Blossom Music Center on June 24, 2023, and it was an absolute masterpiece! As a first-time headliner at this iconic venue, Church's performance surpassed all expectations and left the entire sold-out crowd of 23,000 fans in awe. It was evident that Church and his team were well-versed in the history of Blossom Music Center. Thanks to his manager, John Peet's familiarity with the Cleveland area, Church understood the significance of this venue. Paying homage to the late Michael Stanley Band, who set the attendance record in 1982 with a total of 77,404 attendees over three nights, Church proudly donned a black MSB t-shirt and proclaimed, "We're representin' tonight!" From the moment Church stepped on stage and launched into "Chattanooga Lucy," the atmosphere was electric. The energy he brought was contagious, and the crowd responded with unbridled enthusiasm. Church flawlessly delivered his hits, including "Bad Mother Trucker" and "Cold One," captivating us with his raw talent and infectious charisma. Each song resonated with the audience, creating an incredible connection between artist and fan. One of the highlights of the night was Church's unforgettable encore. As the crowd cheered and begged for more, he treated us to a heart-stirring rendition of "Springsteen," transporting us back to nostalgic moments. And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Church closed the show with one of his personal favorites, "Holdin' My Own." The heartfelt lyrics, combined with his genuine emotion, was awesome! What truly set this concert apart was Church's ability to entertain. His stage presence was magnetic, effortlessly commanding our attention from start to finish. His interactions with the audience were genuine and heartfelt, making everyone feel like a part of something truly special. The sheer joy and passion he exuded were infectious, leaving us all completely immersed in the music and the moment. If you ever have the chance to witness Eric Church live in concert, seize it with both hands! His performance at Blossom Music Center was an extraordinary experience that exceeded all expectations. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply looking for a night of exceptional entertainment, this is a show you absolutely cannot miss. Church's impeccable talent, coupled with the historical significance of the venue, created a night we will remember for a lifetime. It was an honor to be part of this remarkable event, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Bad Ass

KellyK from Spokane, Washington
17th April 2022

He’s a bad ass! Second time seeing him! I love his style. One of a kind! Fantastic night of entertainment with my husband!!!

Awesome Energetic Show

Mmichmmash from Denver, Colorado
16th October 2021

He was amazing - first part acoustics and only Eric was so impressive. Full band came in and energy lit up the arena! Awesome job Chief!

Go Eric Go!!

Tamara F from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
25th October 2021

Wow, fantastic concert. This man can sing. He put on a great show and sang for almost 3 hours and that was after waiting another hour so everyone was able to get in to the event Centre It was like he didn’t want to stop singing and engaging with the crowd. Thanks for making our first big outing a great night.

Gather Again. The Chief. The Crowd. The Energy. The Music.

A Member of the Church from Cheyenne, Wyoming
2nd November 2021

People do not always realize what they need. Being with people energizes us. The pandemic has splintered and defeated us. When we were able, we “Gather Again”. The Man has more enthusiasm for his craft than anyone can understand. When your passion falls into your career, the impossible becomes possible. The Hero shows up and steps up to lead the crowd through healing. The crowd singing at the top of lungs. The soulful lyrics that takes memories to the front, emotions to the top and humility to the heart. My soul needed the combined energy from like minded crowds. The human spirit; undeniable, immovable and striking. It invigorates, it motivates and it gives us relief from isolation. The rhythm guitar chords and frets, the drum beats, expertly orchestrated to bring life to the words. The feel from the stands, the chairs, reverberating to the heart of the crowd. Thank you @EricChurch and the musicians that support his shows for allowing us to “Gather Again".

Life-Changing...for real

Greg Allen from Evansville, Indiana
15th November 2021

The Eric Church concert was fantastic, but in full transparency, I have to admit I understood very little of the lyrics. I’d catch a word or phrase, but couldn’t tie it in with anything else. Of course, the audience participation lent abundant clues by raising beers, holding up boots, and waving banners of red, white, and blue. Frankly, like with Squid Game and Ted Lasso--subtitles can be helpful. One song, however, broke through. For several minutes Eric and Joanna sang “She loves me like....” I could tell he, as well as a multitude of folks around me, were deeply touched by how “she loved him”, but I couldn’t decipher just what analogy they were using. Near the end of the song the band fell silent. After a dramatically-long and carefully-timed pause, Eric reignited the song with “Jesus does.” What a picture! I was pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the line. It’s not what I was expecting. Having heard dozens of songs about a rugged, beaten-up-by-life, hard-loving cowboy of a man being loved by a delicate and sensitive woman who sees to his worthy core, I was expecting the end of the line to be more predictable and cliche. “...like Jesus does” really made the song, I thought. Touching, memorable, and elevating. A good way to end a chorus and begin the wrap-up portion of the set list. Until the next morning. I woke up in a figurative cold-sweat. I wasn’t cold or sweating, but the unsettling feeling within me gripped me and I knew the revelation within me demanded formal expression. I was beginning to feel it held the power to change lives. Well, at least change my life. Surely, “loving like Jesus did” is not a new concept. I could explain that notion in theological terms. I could give examples of attempts to display it. I’ve even been on mission trips where we felt like we were doing all in our human power to “love like Jesus” for a few weeks in a far-away land among people with whom we had little in common and would likely never see again. Somehow, that idea was not the same as the one the talented and hard-working folks on the stage that night were singing about. Somehow the denim-and-boots man in the bright lights, whom you felt had been through the wringer and had been picked up with compassion and empathy by a true companion and lover, was not speaking about theology or a short-term mission trip. That cut deep. That type of love can’t be faked. That level of love transforms and penetrates. No one escapes unchanged. Having seen this picture, I couldn’t turn away. I felt compelled to use it as measuring stick--not of how I am loved, but how I love. I don’t know if I can love like Jesus does--or anywhere close, but I know I can love better than I do. I don’t need to be able to love in an “all-powerful” way, I but I can try to love in an “all-in” way. Loving like Jesus doesn’t have to be with healing and forgiveness that eradicates a sin nature. But it can mean sitting with someone through the not-so-healing times and forgiving offenses in a way that allows someone to start over and experience abundant life without the weight of condemnation. Surely I can make an attempt in that direction. I’ll be okay if I don’t get the opportunity to share love and resources to those in a far-off land, but I’m not okay with walking past a person on the street in front of our home and not taking advantage of a possible invitation to connect and encourage one another. I can’t usher in the dawn of a new day for mankind, but I can allow my wife to wake up in a space where we both have a renewed chance to experience life together absent of grudges, resentment, or feeling our unworthiness will affect our partner’s love for us. What would that feel like?! I suspect many of us will hear about love in a worship service on Sunday morning, but I felt I learned quite a bit about love at a Church service on Saturday night.