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Kenny Chesney Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 42



5.0 star rating Robert Durkin from Chicago, Illinois


Total event was a hit. Weather was absolutely perfect . Old Dominion and Thomas Rhett were unbelievable. Kenny topped off the evening with a TWO hour no break show where both opening acts joined him on stage. Mix of new and older music kept crowd engaged. Also had David Lee Murphy on stage for duals hit which an awesome surprise. High energy event!

5.0 star rating Cheryl from Batavia,Iowa


The concert was awesome! Great show and well worth the money! Kenny and the preceding bands did a great job! Only complaint is the rudeness of concert goers. Seems as though people think they can throw their cans and trash everywhere even though many recycle boxes were available and trash cans were located all around! Sure hope this doesn't ruin it for the next performer! Thank you Busch stadium for a great night of entertainment!!By the way the view was great!! Lighting was awesome also and seats were great!

5.0 star rating Veronica from Cypress, Texas


Kenny Chesney was so great! So rowdy & pumped up! Put on an amazing show even with temperature about đź’Ż!

5.0 star rating Tammi d from North Charleston, South Carolina


My husband and I saw Kenny Chesney for the first time ever and we absolutely loved it! Caroline Jones and David Lee Murphy both both great and opened up for Kenny. Kenny sang for 2 hours straight without stopping! His energy is amazing, he wants you to enjoy the show and enjoy the show we did!!!! The venue was great in Charleston SC at Volvo Car Tennis Stadium. Easy parking, wasn’t too bad getting out after the show either. Our children have us the tickets for gift ever and best concert ever. Kenny gave 100% of himself. Thank you Kenny, band, Caroline and David for a great night.

5.0 star rating Becky from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


This was Kenny's best concert! LOVED it! He was full of energy and gave the crowd his all, performed with everything he had, and he showed genuine gratitude to the crowd and acknowledged how long we waited to see him! You could see his joy of performing on his face! Well worth the wait! This was 1 of the best days I've had! Every song was fun and amazing. Kenny has true talent with a genuine desire to please his crowd, which he did! It was exactly what I needed and can relate to all of his music.

5.0 star rating Luanne from Seattle, Washington


What a fun concert! Old Dominion and Dan and Shay each put on a great performance. Kenny was fantastic on a beautiful evening in Seattle. Loved it! The sound was pretty loud so wouldn’t take young kids but was a great experience for all.

5.0 star rating Jennifer Allen from Seattle, Washington


AMAZING evening at Lumen Field Seattle,Wa last night! Opening acts Carly Pearce, Old Dominion Dan and Shay followed by Kenny Chesney nonstop for about 90 min singing one hit after another. I have waited a long time to see him in Seattle and it was worth the wait. Kenny Chesney seemed so emotional and excited to be back in Seattle after a long past couple of off.

4.0 star rating Gerry from Toronto, Ontario


Typical Kenney Chesney lots of energy no time waisted chatting, just banged out the tunes, probably a little louder than previous shows i"ve seen of his..but that was ok with me...didnt sit down for the 90 mins he was on stage nor did anyone else!!..Great job Kenney!!..see you next time!. And kudos to Old Dominion!!..opening act was also solid!!..great summer night spent by the lake in T.O...

4.0 star rating Barbara from Boise, Idaho


The show was packed and standing room only by 7:00. The parking situation was a real nightmare. Not enough parking and couldn’t get out of the line of cars once I turned into the venue to park, for over an hour. opening the parking lot at noon didn’t help! The concert and Kenny was awesome when we finally got in. But no room to sit on the lawn, was over-capacity.

4.0 star rating Big daddy from Dallas, Texas


seen him now four times in va beach - 12,000 people, Bristol motor speedway - 30,000, va beach 12000 and cowboy stadium - 42000 hes a great performer with great music and I am a Hugh fan. didn't like the venue, acoustics were terrible. Much better attending a small venue like an amphitheater or the joint in Vegas where seats are really limited. the guys works his tail off but you can tell his promoters are stretching his brand. despite the excessive promotion one of the best shows you can attend.

4.0 star rating Sherry from Texas


Love Kenny! Great show but what happened to the encore? One song??? Waited whole concert for "Anything but mine". Oh well, next time Mr. Chesney!

4.0 star rating Jo Ann from Fayetteville, Arkansas


The venue was great, parking was free & easy to find, sound was good. It sounds from the other comments that this particular show was a little flat. Everyone playing seemed to be melting on stage from the AR heat. Kenny played 1 song for the encore and then seemed to exit w/o much interest. It was very awkward. at the end of the concert? Kenny and the band were still amazing. Very good live performances- fast, continuous playing and up beat.

4.0 star rating Last concert? Loud Bass sucks! from Seattle, Washington


150 yards from main stage the bass was hitting 115 db. Average sound stayed at 89 db. Yes very loud. This damaged 40 thousand sets of ears. Why? Who? WTF? Bass at 30 db over everything else. They call it an equalizer board for a reason!!!!!

4.0 star rating Dan Douglas from Seattle, Washington


Always fun to see Kenny. Great show! However sound system seemed off and too loud. A song like There Goes My Life would have been perfect with just his voice, but was drowned by the noise and problems with the sound. Really didn't need Dan & Shay, keep Old Dominion playing longer!!

4.0 star rating Tim from Seattle, Washington


Excellent show but did not play a lot of his hits from the past

4.0 star rating Sunshine in paradise from Los Angeles, California


Dan & Shay were a huge bummer. Not concert worthy for that many songs. Took up some of Kenny's time and he cut his set short by 3 songs. He was awesome and would of been great to hear more of Dan & Shay sounded great but no one goes to this type of concert to hear that many slow love songs. Lose Dan & shay from all future concerts please!

4.0 star rating TK from Syracuse, New York


We were 10 yards from the gate separating seats from grass. Dead center. Energy for both CP and KC was great. never sat. Song selection was great. Only bummer was the sound balance. Too much drum on most songs. When they built up to the crescendo Of a song it was very distorted. Overall worth it!!

3.0 star rating Beth from Boston, Massachusetts


We parked a mile away & walked - lots of staff and police to keep things moving smoothly. Lots of stadium security upon entering but again, it was a smooth operation. Brandon Lay - fantastic. Brothers Osborne - fantastic. Dierks Bentley - FANTASTIC! The sound mix was great for all the performers EXCEPT for KC. The guitars in partciular were set so loud you couldn't hear vocals almost at all.... once I put earplugs in I could hear the vocals for KC, but the sound mix for his performance detracted from the experience. They definitely amped the sound when he came on. There was a preliminary video with all the Krafts and patriots congratulating KC on his one millionth ticket sale at Gillette and we could barely understand that because of the sound - painfully loud and distorted voices. It is possible that it was because of where we were seated but the first three performers' sound was spot on - loud enough so you knew you were at a live event but you could understand all the lyrics

3.0 star rating Shirley from Toronto, Ontario


Very difficult for parking for concerts. Line ups long as you go through a security check, which is not all bad. The volume was so loud that you could not appreciate Kenny’s voice. I hope you like to stand, as you can’t see if you sit. lots of places for food and drinks, and as usual very overpriced. Venue is awesome, but getting in and out is a problem.

3.0 star rating from Toronto, Ontario


Old dominion was fantastic. They really interacted and got close to fans on the floor where we were. Kenny seemed a little off and tired. His voice seemed weak and he didn’t even come close to 11pm curfew. In fact he didn’t even come out for an encore. When fans pay a premium they atleast expect an encore?! Any how it was fun and he played his latest and greatest just wasn’t overly impressed with the short set he played.

3.0 star rating Kenzie Savage from Seattle, Washington


Watching Kenny Chesney right now, in section 127 of the century link field and I can’t hear any of his vocals. I literally think I’m deaf because it is blaring. Whoever did sound is awful.

3.0 star rating Dodge from Phoenix, Arizona


All the hype around this concert left myself and 3 guests non-plussed. Chase Field was probably selected because of the size of the venue, however the music (in the upper seats anyway) was really disappointing. The echo of the conversation's were so bad we all were looking at other going "what did they say?" throughout the evening. We must not be die-hard Chesney fans because we left after song number 7. The AC could not keep up with the temps in the venue either - at least not in the nose bleed section. Really glad we got discounted tickets or I would have been mad. At this point, we were just disappointed. Seeing Rhett Atkins on stage with his Son Thomas and a great dinner at the Arrogant Butcher was the best part of the evening.

3.0 star rating Jennifer Crawford from Columbus, Ohio


Last night was my 8th KC concert. His concert is always high energy and runs like truly atop of the line party style concert. That man can work a crowd! This was my first time ever attending MAPFRE Stadium. There is no way the stadium knew what they were getting into when the booked the KC concert. They stadium was completely understaffed. Lines were enormous to get into the venue. Completely disorganized. Concessions? Forget about it. Poor volunteers were working concessions. I waited 45 minutes and the line barely moved. I gave up. Parking was absolutely a nightmare. $25 CASH, EXACT ONLY. I figured ok but we then had to park at the fairgrounds. After the concert, we were TRAPPED in the parking lot. Literally. The lot was fenced in with only one way to get out. Overall, will I see Kenny again ABSOLUTELY however MAPFRE stadium was completely not ready to handle a performer with that big of a following. Never again, MAPFRE. 3 Starts because KC is AMAZING but the venue was horrid.

3.0 star rating Fan from Rome, NY from Rome, New York


Kenny had amazing energy and the band was tight. Sound... Not so good. Vocals sounded like a cheap ccar radio or singing into a tin can. The venue is beautiful and the facilities were clean and easy to get to. The biggest letdown though was seeing all the trash concert goers left on the lawn and especially in the parking lot. To top it all off, it was almost an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot. Lakeview needs to step up their game on traffic control and fans need to step up their game and pick up after themselves. Thanks Kenny and Old Dominion for coming to Syracuse! Despite problems listed, you put on a great show!

3.0 star rating Ron May from Dallas, Texas


You couldn’t hear him sing over the music. Old Dominion and Dan and Shay sound was great

3.0 star rating Margaret Stevens from Seattle, Washington


We attended the July 2022 concert at Lumen Field in Seattle. I couldn't hear any of the melody from all three groups as the base and lower notes were all that came through. It was also really hard to hear the vocals. We have decided that we will only attend concerts in smaller venues as Lumen field isn't set up for concerts. The performance itself was energized and we enjoyed ourselves mainly because of the energy in the stadium.

3.0 star rating Jenny from Denver, Colorado


We have seen Kenny many times in Denver at Mile High stadium over the years. This time we were in the Sandbar area. We usually sit in the floor section just next to it. This year the music sounded so distorted you could only hear the vocals every so often. We came to hear Kenny sing not the band constantly overpowering him.

2.0 star rating John from Detroit, Michigan


I thought it was an issue with Ford Field and hopped on the internet to see how other concert goers felt. My experience echoes most every review from this tour. Positives first, Ford Field handled the crowd great! Entry/Exit was a breeze. (We did leave with 30min left in the show) Old Dominion and Thomas Rhett put on solid performances and sounded great!.....So what happened with Kenny Chesney??? The band was infuriatingly loud; my ears are still ringing 2 days later. I was not up front, rather in the stands quite far back where I needed to watch the screens to see KC. You could barely hear him sing and what voice he did have seemed like shouting instead of the smooth/calm vocals that allow you to relax. I felt anxious and couldn't wait to leave. He seemed to be trying too hard. Its unfortunate because I really enjoy his music and listened to his live album on Spotify religiously, which was a mistake, as he said the same exact things when talking to the crowd. Rum ads annoying..

2.0 star rating Vicki from Seattle, Washington


We have seen Kenny 6xs prior to tonight, his concerts have been memorable and enjoyable. Kenny failed to engage with entire audience, as we were in "the Sandbar" in front row and spent majority of his performance looking behind us in order to see him, this was super disappointing as well as when he spoke to audience the words he spoke, were the EXACT SAME WORDS he spoke to Gillette stadium on his live Cd that we listened to in car on way up to concert.. "Scripted" it made that "Connection w/the audience" seemed generic. Here is a quote from kenny in an interview “Every time, I want people to have the best night of their lives,” Chesney says. “I take that very seriously. I’ve heard enough stories about people planning their summer around coming to see us, and when you know that, you wanna always give ’em more and better, trying to think what else? But, you know, these songs are the reason people come — and I don’t ever want to take away from the music. He didn't hold true to his words.

2.0 star rating Deb from Seattle, Washington


Seeing Chesney in concert was on my husband's bucket list. We left very disappointed. It was way too loud, the band drowned him out and it was impossible to understand the lyrics or appreciate the great voice we know he possesses. It seemed odd to us because the sound for Old Dominion and Rhett was fine.

2.0 star rating Kevin Harper from Dallas, Texas


This was a high energy concert but the sound wasn’t set up good enough to hear the vocals. Even when the performers were singing without the band playing you couldn’t understand what they were saying. Kind of like a cheap stereo turned all the way up in your car, loud but distorted. I like loud music but would also like to hear the words to the song.

2.0 star rating Linda from Tampa, Florida


Kenny was awesome, but the audience was HORRIBLE! I have never been so embarrassed to be part of an audience in my entire life. They were completely RUDE to the opening acts-especially Dan + Shay, who were, in my opinion, absolutely AWESOME, and the main reason I showed up to begin with. I’m not originally from Tampa, thank God, because I was raised with more manners. I have been to dozens of concerts in my life, and I’ve never seen an opening act treated so poorly. Nobody was paying any attention, everyone was talking, nobody hardly clapped or responded. They’re an award-winning, Grammy winning duo for God’s sake! Show some class! I’ll never go to another concert At Raymond James again. Plus, the sound system sucked. No thanks.

2.0 star rating Alan from Atlanta, Georgia


We had amazing seats in the 117 section. 6th row. Old Dominion sound quality was acceptable for a stadium show. KC sound quality was terrible. Muddled, hard to understand the words, and extremely loud. It's our 2nd or 3rd concert at Mercedes Benz in Atlanta and we won't ever go to another there. Pretty sure all that concrete and glass makes it impossible to have a loud stadium type show there.

2.0 star rating Tina S- Johnson from @AT&T Stadium. From Round Rock, Texas


Saw Kenny Chesney (at Austin 360 Ampitheater), Dan + Shay (at Austin 360 Ampitheater & Rodeo Austin), Old Dominion (in Killeen, Texas) all GREAT shows so I gifted my fiance with floor tickets for his birthday & was very disappointed with the sound. The acoustics were so bad we left the floor & went upstairs. Still bad. We went outside & heard the words & music much better- it didn't sound warped but sadly I wasted $300 on a disappointing birthday gift. The Waffle House down the street had a much better concert. I still love the bands but won't return here for another concert.

2.0 star rating LT from Denver, Colorado


The acts that proceeded Kenny were great and all had excellent sound quality! I'd definitely go to another Dan + Shay and Old Dominion concert. The sound quality of Kenny's set, however, was absolutely awful. It was hard to hear Kenny over the instrumentals, and even hard at times to pick out the melody to know what song he was singing. The thing about having his singing drowned out is that it was painfully obvious when the musicians played wrong notes... which happened frequently. Such a shame given how hard he worked on stage. Hope they get the sound issues fixed before his next concert. We had the same problem with 2 concerts in Vegas so stopped going. Have always had great sound quality at Denver venues, at least until Kenny.

2.0 star rating Don Faith from Syracuse, New York


It was a perfect night for an outdoor concert you could not ask for better weather. The venue was great the food and drink offerings were great. Expensive yes but good. I only had one problem with the whole event. The concert itself. I love Kenny Chesney I have been looking forward to this concert since I purchased the tickets 4 months ago. This was on my “Bucket list”. I have terminal cancer and am trying to get as much out life as I can while I can. I was extremely disappointed by the play list. I understand Kenny has new material that he needs to promote. But to not play some of his most iconic hits was not only disappointing but sad for me. Don’t Blink has a special meaning for me in my life now. Plus The Good Stuff, Boys of Fall, Better as a Memory, and so many of Kenny’s classic hits. Unfortunately I feel let down. Kenny didn’t hit the stage until after 9 pm when the concert started at 7:30 supposedly. The opening singer played as long as Kenny. All he could have done was play 1/2 hour longer to fit in more of his classics. As it was Kenny only played around 1 1/2 hours. If I had the opportunity to see him in concert again. I would have to think twice because of play list. I did take advantage of the merchandise tent buying two t-shirts one for my wife and I and two glowing lays for my granddaughters.

2.0 star rating M. Kosanovich from Monroe, Michigan


I have been waiting over 12 years to see Kenny Chesney, We just missed him at The Tacoma Dome. The sound for Dan + Shay was awesome. Everyone else was too loud, or distorted. I know Kenny's songs but couldn't tell what songs he was singing until he got to the hook, or chorus. Kenny should consider hiring the Dan + Shay sound crew.

2.0 star rating Billytheplumba from Boston, Massachusetts


Purchased my tickets before Covid hit and waited over 2 years for this show. Gates open at 1. Lots of traffic issues. To compound issues a massive storm passes over the area. Lots get closed and attendants are sent away for their safety (rightfully so). This storm had all the bells and whistles, torrential rain, lightning, heavy winds and tornado warnings. The venue let’s us peons know that if we haven’t paid our parking fee ($50) and already gotten into a lot to avoid the area because the lots were closed. If you were in a lot you should stay in your car. Concert was supposed to start at 5. Lots finally opened after 6, 1 gate opened at 7. I don’t know who was calling the shots but I’m glad I stayed home.

1.0 star rating Tanya Baikow-Smith from Portland, Oregon


We drove from Portland to Seattle for this concert but it wasn't worth the $200+ per ticket we paid. We had decent seats but the sound quality at Century Link Stadium was awful. Kenny's concert was amped up, loud, couldn't understand the words, he didn't introduce his band and overall it was a big disappointment. Will not pay to see him again.

1.0 star rating Tim from Denver, Colorado


Saw Kenny Chesney for the first time last night, at Mile High Stadium in Denver (formerly Sports Authority), and had a great seat too: 6th Row, Center, just behind the Sandbar. With Chesney's catalog of great songs, his smooth country crooning voice and well-known high energy in concert to deliver them, this should have been a fantastic show! INSTEAD, the musical volume was CRANKED UP SO LOUD, that I could barely hear his vocals throughout EVERY song and I'm still left "wondering what Kenny Chesney sounds like in concert?!?"All I heard last night was music presented at such a RIDICULOUSLY HIGH VOLUME, that Chesney almost looked like he was "lip-singing", or miming his own songs---vocals were that drowned out! The electric guitars, bass and drums were SO INFURIATINGLY LOUD, that it sounded like ONE COMPLETE DISTORTED MESS! Somehow, I could faintly tell that he has a very good band behind him, but because the volume was so "STUPID-LOUD," I'll never be sure of that either. BIG LETDOWN!

1.0 star rating David from Phoenix, Arizona


Awful show. Left mid-way thru as did thousand of others. Kenny is lost...tries to be a rock star and forgot who he is and why we all loved his music. And enough of the muscles, sweat and "I am really working hard for you tonight" stuff. Does he think he is Springsteen? He was neither the smooth country singer we love nor the Caribbean cowboy...and Thomas R. kicked his ass and stole the show. Figure out who you are, Kenny. You seem lost and trying to be something you aren't.

1.0 star rating Jessica C. from Los Angeles


So Fi stadium. Opening acts were wonderful. I was wondering if Kenny C. was on something. I mean who wants to see someone run and jump the whole time if it is having a negative effect on the vocals? I mean, what is he trying to prove? Its like, okay we get it, you are fit, but question is ...can you sing? Well the band was so loud and Kenny was just running around and hardly singing. Maybe if he stayed still and calmed down a bit he could save his energy for doing what he was supposed to do....sing!. The other acts were great. The venue was great, it was just KC that was below par.


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